Top 5 Thrillers


Final Girls is Riley Sager’s debut novel and it was absolutely chilling! Three separate girls, all of whom are the lone survivors of murders are dubbed the Final Girls by the media. It follows the life of Quincy Carpenter who spent a night in a cabin in the woods where all five of her friends were murdered, leaving her running from the cabin and into the arms of a police officer who helps her navigate life after that awful night. Once again in the spotlight of the media, the three girls are doing their best to put the past behind them – something that isn’t so easy for Quincy when Sam (a Final Girl who was the last standing in an attack at the inn she worked at) shows up on her doorstep. Quincy has done her best to put that fateful night behind her, but her memories are beginning to surface.


Th1rt3en is the genius novel of the completely implausible concept of a serial killer not on a trial but on the jury. The murderer does everything in his power to ensure he’s placed in the jury box to swing the verdict in his direction (placing an innocent man in prison). The twists and turns of this book will leave your head spinning in the best way possible. Despite the fact that reality has to be suspended in order to make this entire scenario to be possible, Steve Cavanagh does an excellent job making it as believable as possible, walking readers’ step by step through all the serial killer’s movements to ensure he’s sitting right where he wants to be.

Behind Her Eyes has one of the most left-field plot twists. It starts out with a story line that’s entirely plausible – Louise meets a man one night out and the next day realizes he’s her new – married – boss, David. He puts the breaks on their relationship, despite the fact that he continues to send mixed messages. It isn’t until the day Louise runs into Adele, David’s wife, and becomes close friends with her that things turn wild. Adele and Louise become close friends and Adele beings to help Louise with her sleep troubles, where things get pretty weird! A completely unexpected ending!


Just Between Us, written by Rebecca Drake, takes us into the world of four suburban wives, each one different from the other, but an unlikely friendship occurs, nonetheless. One devastating day Julie, Sarah, and Heather discover that Alison is being abused by her prominent doctor husband and the four friends band together to help Alison – even when their worlds turn upside-down with one fateful phone call late at night. A story of friendship and lies – what more could you ask for?


The Wife Between Us, by both Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen tells the two twisted tales of wildly different marriages to the same man. The destruction of one as as she rushes to save the next woman from her same fate. This book is pure gorgeousness simply because you will spend the entire novel thinking you know what you’re reading, only to discover, with goosebumps on your arms, that what you thought you knew all along was nothing but a lie!

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