How I Stay Motivated

Hello beautiful people! I thought today I’d share some tips on how I stay motivated to read (especially when Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are calling my name!) If you’re in a reading slump (as we’ve all been in the past) maybe some of these tips might help inspire you!

  1. Always have a book on you. If you enjoy reading on a tablet or your phone, that’s perfect since you more than likely always have it with you – same goes for audio books (make sure those headphones are always close by). But if you’re like me, I enjoy reading a physical book the most so I always carry whatever book I’m currently reading in my purse. I specifically have a gigantic bag I tote around (probably destroying my back in the process) and I always have a book in there. That way, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I have it available to read (even if it’s just a few pages). I find this to be most beneficial when I’m waiting at a doctor’s office or on a lunch break at work
  2. Switch it up. I get incredibly bad migraines; basically just being alive and breathing will trigger one. So reading for long periods of time often leaves me in crippling pain so I’ve found that if I switch things up I can get a lot more reading done (if you’re not in pain it’s a lot more enjoyable to read). I often will read a few chapters and then put my book down and either have a snack or watch one episode of a TV show I’m enjoying, and then read another few chapters and repeat!
  3. Make sure you have good lighting! I find I can read longer (see migraine pain above!) if I have really bright white lights. I bought a ring light recently and I’ve positioned it perfectly so I don’t have any shadows and the pages I’m reading are almost glowing! I find this lets me read a lot longer (with bad lighting I can read for about two hours but with bright lighting I can usually get closer to three or four hours before my head starts hurting). Like I said, I find a white light best, but figure out what makes your eyes happy!
  4. Make a schedule. When I’m not picking up my book as often as I’d like to be, I make a reading plan. I’m a big planner and love my Erin Condren Life Planner. You’re more likely to get something done if you write it down! So make a reading schedule and do your best to stick to it.
  5. Try a new genre. Sometimes it’s motivating to shake things up. Pick up a book you wouldn’t normally gravitate to (for me that’s often historical fiction, but I’ve found a few I was surprised to have enjoyed so much). Or read that book it seems every blogger and vlogger are raving about, even if it’s not necessarily something you think you’d like. If everyone’s talking about it there must be something worth while!
  6. Don’t be afraid to DNF! If you’re two hundred pages into a novel and still hating it, it’s okay to put it back on your self unfinished. You gave it a shot but if it’s not interesting enough to captivate you and make you want to read it’s probably best to break up and move on.
  7. Take a break. It’s okay to spend a few days catching up on Netflix, work, school, your social life. Sometimes you just need to give your attention to something else in life and that’s okay, too!

That’s my list of ways I make sure to get some reading done, even if life gets busy. Do you use any of these methods? Let me know. And let me know if you do something I haven’t mentioned, because I always love hearing what works best for other people!

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