January 2019 Wrap Up

The following is a quick overview of the books I read this month, how I liked them, and some notes! Enjoy, and let me know what you read this month!

The Last Time I Lied (Riley Sager)

Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Thriller/Murder Mystery
Recommendation: Highly Recommend
Overall: This book was just good. Not exactly Final Girls level good, but nevertheless it had me on the edge of my seat. I am a Riley Sager fan, though, so I might be a bit biased! But no I’m not.
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Room (Emma Donoghue)

Rating: 1 Star
Genre: Fiction
Recommendation: Wouldn’t Recommend
Overall: I had higher expectations for this book since the point of view was so unique but it turned out to be a let down, unfortunately.
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Crazy Rich Asians (Kevin Kwan)

Rating: 2 Stars
Genre: Fiction
Recommendation: Will Continue Series, Despite Rating
Overall: Considering how amazing this movie did in the box office I figured the book would be even better (since they usually are) but sadly I didn’t find either of them particularly thrilling. But as I’ve said, it was mildly interesting and since it’s a trilogy I’m going to give the second book a fair shot in the hopes that things will get more interesting!
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It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too) (Nora McInerny)

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Memoir
Recommendation: Read. It.
Overall: This was just so perfectly written. The style the author used made a tragic situation seem like there might actually be life beyond the devastation of the death of a loved one, even though its okay to feel that loss. Beautiful.
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The Silent Sister (Diane Chamberlain)

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Recommendation: Just do it, read it!
Overall: This one was a good one. There were so many different aspects to this plot line but it still managed to be captivating and interesting almost all of the time. I’m absolutely going to have to pick up a few more of Chamerlain’s books (she’s written a lot!)
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Well, guys. I managed to get through my entire TBR this month, but I couldn’t fit more in than I’d hoped. Had a few bad migraines and a family emergency that made reading a bit slower this month, but I’m hoping to get more done in February!

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