Guilty Pleasure Books

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a fantastic month and makes it through Valentine’s Day in one piece (or enjoy it with a loved one/friend/other.) I thought it would be appropriate to discuss my biggest guilty pleasure when it comes to books I’ve read.

Fifty Shades of Grey. But not just any old Fifty Shades of Grey. Fifty Shades of Grey – As Told By Christian Grey. I’ll admit I’ve never actually read the series from Anastasia Steele’s point of view because, honestly, I find most romance novels from the female perspective to be very bland and boring. The girl always seems to be this basic, plain Jane with “nothing special about her” which drives me absolutely crazy. I get the sense that the point of this method is to make it seem like any girl in the world reading it see’s herself as this girl/woman/female and can totally relate, because of course, who can’t see themselves as human (which is almost always the only concrete characteristic of these girls.)

And then there’s always these amazing bad boys, fully fleshed out characters (mind you, they’re often the same every time – cold, standoffish, cocky, etc.) with actually traits, likes, dislikes, and strong confident opinions. And while they’re all very similar to each other, at least they have personalities that are more intricate than a piece of tissue paper. So I’ve always enjoyed reading those same stories from the male perspective far more than the original series (which is usually female point of view.)

We saw it with Twilight (another series that I enjoyed more from the male character’s point of view – though sadly that wasn’t written in its entirely) and now with Fifty Shades of Grey (which, yes yes, I know are basically the same, since one originated as fan fiction for the other.) Sure Bella and Anastasia’s series were interesting (I can’t say they were.) I read all of the Twilight series and half of the first Fifty Shades book) but what was far more interesting to me was Edward and Christian’s perspectives!

I always feel like the female character’s point of view are always mostly “what’s going on inside his head? I wish I knew, I wish he would verbalize his thoughts and emotions!” Which, do not get me wrong, is often accurate in real life, who wants to read an entire series where you barely know what’s going on under the surface. But the guys’ point of view is always so much more interesting, and perhaps as a female myself, I like the idea of getting side the mind of a man only to discover he actually loves her so much – something that isn’t really revealed until the end of the book.

I feel like this has gone off on an entirely separate tangent, but my original point is that my guilty pleasure is hardly ever the original series, but most often the series retold from the male character’s point of view. I’m honestly very frazzled by the fact that Grey and Darker were written but as of the last time I googled anything, I haven’t heard anything about Freed being written. I need to know what happens!

(Yes I could read the original series, that’s true. But I think I’ll just torture myself with the wait!)

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