February 2019 Wrap Up

I had a pretty productive month this time around! I’m very pleased with my book list, despite the fact that most of them were only 1 star (not every month can be full of those glorious 5 stars!) Mind you, I had to deviate from my original TBR list, since I had all of the Bridget Jones series on it (last time I’ll put an entire series into one month’s TBR). I honestly just couldn’t finish the series so I dipped out on the last two and rearranged things, since The Silent Patient came out this month anyway and it’s been so hyped I was dying to read it. So it all worked out just fine!

Bridget Jones Dairy (Helen Fielding)

Rating: 1 Star
Genre: Chick Lit
Recommendation: Don’t bother
Overall: This one was not at all what I was hoping it would be. I thought it would be a hilarious fluffy book about a woman I could really relate to, but sadly I was devastatingly wrong.
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Bridget Jones Edge of Reason (Helen Fielding)

Rating: 1 Star
Genre: Chick Lit
Recommendation: See Above
Overall: I’m quite honestly shocked I was able to force myself through this one after the first. I read it only because I wanted to give the series a shot, hoping it might get better. I didn’t read the last two.
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The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (Rachel Joyce)

Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Fiction
Recommendation: Read it if you feel like being profoundly changed
Overall: Just a really beautiful book that pulls at your heartstrings and makes you want to give Harold Fry a big hug. It was really simple, really lovely.
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The Time Keeper (Mitch Albom)

Rating: 3 Stars
Genre: Fiction
Recommendation: Always good if it’s Mitch Albom
Overall: Not my favourite by him, but certainly worth the read. It wasn’t bad at all.
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The Silent Patient (Alex Michaelides)

Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Recommendation: 100%
Overall: There’s some good and bad reviews for this one, but it was so highly anticipated that I don’t think it was possible for everyone to like. I really enjoyed it – couldn’t put it down.
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Trafficked Girl (Zoe Patterson)
Rating: No Rating
Genre: Memoir
Recommendation: Go into this one with the mentality that it’s going to be difficult to read, as the subject matter is difficult itself
Overall: Tragic
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The Bling Ring (Nancy Jo Sales)

Rating: 1 star
Genre: Non-Fiction/True Crime
Recommendation: I wouldn’t put it at the top of your TBR
Overall: It really wasn’t what I was suspecting it would be (but that was probably my own mistake) and it just read very dry. I didn’t find it particularly interesting.
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P.S I Still Love You (Jenny Han)

Rating: 2 Stars
Genre: YA Fiction/Romance
Recommendation: If you haven’t already read this trilogy, you’ll enjoy
Overall: It’s one of those fluffy YA books that sometimes makes you roll your eyes but mostly just leaves you with a fuzzy feeling of nostalgia for the days when you didn’t have to worry about paying bills and boys (or girls) were a new world you were trying to figure out. Adorable. 
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Travels in the Scriptorium (Paul Auster)
5 Stars
Genre: Fiction
Recommendation: Read it, but read other Auster novels first – it’ll make more sense
Overall: This was kind of confusing genius.
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