Book Outlet

Alright, I just wanted to take a minute to talk about my absolute favourite book place on earth: Book Outlet.

Quickly, if you’ve never heard of it before (which I had not when I first entered into the labyrinth of the online book community) Book Outlet is a magical website that allows you to buy books at insanely marked down prices. They have their Scratch & Dent section which obviously has book that aren’t in perfect condition but that are 100% still readable and won’t fall apart on you. Then they have (my personal favourite) their Bargain Book section which are basically overflow stock. So whenever a bookstore has purchased more copies than they can sell, or a publishing company has printed more copies than they can sell to bookstores, they’re sold to Book Outlet at a reduced price and Book Outlet sells to us at a reduced price!

I’ve never bought a Scratch & Dent copy before because I hate books with any kind of imperfection but I have bought tons (and I mean tons) of Bargain Books and the only thing that sets them apart from a book you’d buy from a bookstore somewhere is a dot or line on the side of the book. It doesn’t impede your reading enjoyment at all and most of the time it’s in a place you can’t even see once the book in on your shelf.

This site is amazing if you’re someone like me who enjoys reading but can’t always afford the chain book store prices. I remember in the same week, a while back, I bought three books at a book store and spent $150.00 and then later in the week put an order into Book Outlet and spent roughly the same amount of money but got twelve books. So the savings are obviously crazy.

So now, whenever I’m about to buy a ridiculous amount of books I check if Book Outlet has a copy first and if they don’t (which is very often the case with brand new best sellers – those ones don’t usually make it to Book Outlet) then I’ll pick up a copy at a book store.

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about this (and of course there are tons of other online places to buy books at cheaper prices – especially second hand books) because I’m always so excited when I get my box of books sent to me in the mail. And for anyone who hasn’t used Book Outlet before, I’ve placed a lot of orders with them and almost every book I’ve gotten has been in 10/10 condition. Sometimes you’ll get the odd 8-9/10 book from the Bargain Books section but even those are truly not that bad, I’m just ridiculously picky about my book’s conditions. And I can’t speak for the Scratch & Dent section since I’ve never purchased one of those.

And just to end this on a funny note I’ll tell you a little story. Since Book Outlet has a few actual stores around the US and Canada and my favourite thing to do is browse through shelves and pick up whatever catches my eye (this is how I wind up with most of the books on my shelves) I begged my dear father to take me to one Book Outlets stores which is a few hours away from home, so that I could browse. Despite the fact that he had zero interest in doing this, he agreed to anyway. Once we finally got there I spent two hours going in and out of the rows of books while my poor dad sat in a chair towards the back, very patiently waiting for me to finish filling my cart. Two hours. That’s a long time for someone to sit and wait. By the time I’d picked out fifteen books he looked like he was ready to leave me there and drive home without me. When I finally told him I was ready to go to pay he looked so relieved!

Haha, thank goodness for good family, right?

Anywho, I just wanted to come on here and give you all my mini (good) rant about Book Outlet. I honestly love it, I think it’s worth it, I recommend it, ect ect.

So check it out if you haven’t already! BookOutlet
Stay tuned for my Book Outlet Haul coming soon!

Note: I wasn’t paid for this post in anyway. Just thought I’d share my feelings!

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