Five Feet Apart (Rachel Lippincott)

Rating: 5 Stars

Two teenagers living life with cystic fibrosis find themselves in the same hospital, undergoing treatment. Stella is there for the millionth time, having spent most of her young life at this particular hospital, while Will is there for the first time, having been shipped to hundreds of different hospitals all over the world.

For patients with CF there’s a rule that they must always stay six feet apart from anyone else with CF, because it’s easy to catch each other’s bacteria, making them even sicker. But Will has B. capacia, an antibiotic resistant bacteria, taking him off the transplant list altogether, while Stella still has a chance to get new lungs.

Despite the fact that B. Capacia is literally killing Will and, if he gets within six feet of Stella, it could potentially kill her too, the young teens fall in love with each other and do everything they can to be together (including knocking off one foot of distance between them). A modern day Romeo and Juliet, these two young people shouldn’t be in love, but they are.

God. God. God. This book melted my freakin heart. I’m honestly very picky when it comes to YA books because I find a lot of them aren’t written to the standard I feel all books (regardless of genre) should be written. I’ve read a lot of corny books where the author’s clearly do not understand or remember what it was like to be a teenager and things end up sounding awkward and weird. But not Five Feet Apart. The editing was amazing (something else I find a lot of YA books tend to drop the ball on – a pet peeve of mine) and the work was literally a piece of art. It was gorgeous and heart wrenching and I sobbed so many times while reading it.

If you haven’t picked this book up yet, what the heck are you waiting for? Go get it – and pick up a book of tissues. It will tug at every heartstring you have and leave you with a book hangover. It was brilliant and beautiful and real. It’s everything I love in a YA book (or any genre for that matter).

Highly highly recommend!

Boo doesn’t want you to know this book made him cry.

Note: Movie adaptation comes out March 15, 2019. Stay tuned for my comparison!

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