Book Outlet Haul 1

I went on a mini shopping spree on the amazing Book Outlet and these are the fruits of my labour! Because even though I have fifty books still on my TBR, I obviously needed more books. Facts. Here we go!

Before I Go to Sleep (S.J Watson)
This one is very 50 First Dates, but more thriller and less funny. Christine was in an accident two decades before the book starts and every morning she wakes up her husband has to remind her who he is, who she is, and what happened ad Christine snuggles to reconstruct her life.

Reconstructing Amelia (Kimberly McCreight)
Kate is called out of work one day by her daughter, Amelia’s school with the news that she’s been suspended for cheating. Kate rushes to pick her daughter up but by the time she gets to the school it’s surrounded by first responders. The school tells Kate that Amelia jumped from the school’s roof but a text comes to Kate letting her know “She didn’t jump.”

The Anatomical Shape of a Heart (Jean Bennett)
Beatrix is a young artist who is determined to get a sponsorship from the museum and in order to do so, decides to draw the dead. In order to do this she sneaks into the hospital but misses the last train home for the night – that’s when she meets Jack (a local graffiti artist) who turns her world upside down.

The Way I Used to Be (Amber Smith)
Told in four parts (one part for each year Eden is in high school) this story centres around Eden’s assault by her brother’s best friend. Everything she once knew and loved has become twisted and ugly for her. The novel explores Eden’s life as she deals with the pain and tries to move past it.

Never Missing, Never Found (Amanda Panitch)
Scarlett was kidnapped at a young age but as a teenager was able to escape her captor. She tries to move on in the aftermath of what happened to her and takes up a summer job at an amusement park where she discovers another girl has gone missing and by escaping, Scarlett wonders what she’s set in motion.

My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward (Mark Lukach)
Giulia and Mark were high school sweethearts who ended up marrying each other when they were twenty four. At twenty seven, Giulia has a psychotic break and ends up in a psychiatric ward. The memoir follows this young couple through the ups and downs of their relationship and Giulia’s mental health as she is kept at the hospital and sent home three times throughout their marriage. It’s about the test of love and the strength I family.

Pretending to Dance (Diane Chamberlain)
Molly and her husband are trying to adopt a baby (after being unable to conceive on their own). Everything is going well until the adoption process starts to drag up old secrets and buried lies from Molly’s past and her own family.

The Ex (Alafair Burke)
Jack’s amazing wife Molly was shot by a fifteen year old boy three years earlier and ever since he’s stayed away from dating. That is, until he sees a beautiful woman in the park near his house having a picnic by herself and his friend gets involved, posting an ad looking for her on a website. The woman responds to the ad and invites Jack to meet her. That’s when everything in his life turns upside-down. On the flip side, Olivia (a criminal defence lawyer and Jack’s old ex-fiancé) hears that Jack has been arrested for the murder of three people (one of whom is connected to Molly’s murder). Olivia knows he’s innocent and decides she has to find a way to help Jack out.

In One Person (John Irving)
The story follows narrator Billy through out his life as he deals with love and hate as a bisexual man. It is said to be one of Irving’s “most daringly political, sexually transgressive, and moving novel in well over a decade” by Vanity Fair.

And there you have it! I better start reading! I need to chip away at this gigantic TBR pile I have going (especially because I already have my eye on three new books I was itching to buy yesterday at Walmart!) What’s your TBR look like?

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