Movie Review: Five Feet Apart

**Spoiler Alert**

I read Five Feet Apart (review here) and loved it, so I was a little skeptically about seeing the movie because isn’t it always the books we like that are turned into movies that don’t do it justice? Most of the time – yes. But I was really pleasantly surprised by this one.

I’ll admit, I thought it was going to be weird and awkward acting on Cole Sprouse’s part since I couldn’t really imagine him being anyone other than Jughead but he did a pretty good job at being Will. Not to mention they stuck pretty true to the book itself, which made this a great movie.

That being said, I wonder if I would have understood everything in the movie as much if I hadn’t read the book first. There were parts in it that I don’t think were explained thoroughly enough in the movie that I think I would have been a little lost if I hadn’t already read the book and knew what was happening and why. So I wish they’d been a little more verbal about some of the character’s actions. But perhaps I only felt that way because I did read the books (which obviously has more time to explain and describe).

And yes, before you ask – I sobbed. And if you’re planning to see this one my best advice to you is bring some tissues in your coat pocket because you’ll be very glad you did when the waterworks being! Trust me. I silently thanked god when I realized I had put my jacket with the tissues in the pocket on, instead of my other coat which would not have had tissue!

Aside from all the crying (which triggered a pretty awful headache for me) the movie was really sweet – just like the book was and the ending of the movie was more to my taste. It was just bittersweet (like the book) but they cut the last scene (the eight months later bit) which I kind of liked. It left off with Will being strong and wonderful and grown up and making the tough decision for both himself and Stella. There was no ugly heart ache at the end when they see each other in the airport but can’t be together (which I think was a little miserable for the book – I get that it was meant to show us they were both doing what they wanted with their lives, but it felt more like one last twist of the knife in your heart.) I liked how the movie cut that last scene. It was one of the few things they eliminated and I thought it was a good call on the production’s part.

So I really can’t say anything bad about this movie. Considering it was adapted from a book to the big screen (which I think they often drop the ball on) I enjoyed it. I went to see it alone (which I don’t recommend because who wants to sob like a baby in a dark theatre with no one around?) but I think it’s definitely something that would be sweeter to watch with either your significant other or a good friend (or group of friends). You know. Just so someone can cry with you (or laugh at you when you cry).

Five stars. If you have time to see it, go watch it!

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Five Feet Apart

  1. I agree with you whole-heartedly about this film, especially about going with someone. I went with my best friend and his girlfriend; they wanted to see it because he has cystic fibrosis and I thought it’d be good for me to go to get a better understanding of the kind of rigmarole he goes through daily (he’s not hospital-bound but needs to carry his meds and enzymes with him). His girlfriend and I definitely cried a few times throughout. I remember sitting there in the theater and imagining not being able to hug my best friend or even touch him…and I thought about the day when I’ll tell him I love him for the last time and how much I want us to do in the time between now and then and it was…a profound experience to say the least. Glad to see you recommend it. 🙂 I certainly do, too.


    1. It truly was heart breaking. But so well done and I love that it sheds light on a disease that, while people know about it, they don’t *really* know about it. Awareness is important! And I hope your friend is doing well! ❤

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