99 Days (Katie Cotugno)

Rating: 1 Star

Molly Barlow is back in her home town after her mother’s book was released (based on her daughter’s actual love life, exposing the truth about her and the Donnelly brothers.) Molly fled the town she grew up in and ended up spending a year at boarding school. However, she’s back home now for the summer (99 days) before she heads off to college. But Julia Donnelly (Gabe and Patrick’s sister) isn’t about to let her have a peaceful summer. She’s ready to ruing Molly’s life and run her back out of town.

Review (Spoilers)
What can I say about this book? It wasn’t the worst book I’ve ever read. Some parts were actually interesting. But I think the main problem with this book is that what she does with Gabe and Patrick really is just plain awful. It’s not one of those things you can identify with as a reader. It wasn’t something that was bad, but still left you liking Molly. If she had been with Patrick and cheated on him with someone who wasn’t his brother – that’s something you can get get past (at least a little) as a reader. You can say, “okay, she’s young and people make mistakes.” But there was no way to reconcile Molly’s summer back home. She originally cheated on Patrick with his brother, Gabe. Bailed on everyone and hid away at boarding school. Came back for the summer, started dating Gabe but ended up cheating on him with Patrick! Tell me how I can empathize with this girl. Sure, people make mistakes – especially when you’re young. But she had no integrity. It was like she decided she was just going to have both Patrick and Gabe and that would simply be fine. It was just a weird concept. She was too immature and reckless with everyone else’s feelings and to top it all off, we’re supposed to feel bad for her when Julia (Gabe and Patrick’s sister) makes her life a living hell? I kind thought she deserved it.

Basically it’s one thing to make a mistake and learn from it. It’s an entirely other ball game if you make a mistake and then make the same mistake again and again. It would have been really nice to have seen some character growth in Molly but there really wasn’t any. She was the same girl she was the year before boarding school as she was after 99 days back in her home town.

And I also hate ambiguous endings.

But I did get through the book and truthfully, I didn’t feel like I’d wasted my time reading it. It was interesting enough to keep me going, but Molly ruined the book.

Boo’s review: A good beach read.

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are simply my own honest ones and I have not been asked to write this review. Not everyone may agree with my thoughts and that’s okay! I hope you enjoy reading about mine.

4 thoughts on “99 Days (Katie Cotugno)

  1. Wow, if I were Julia and this skank was two-timing my brothers I’d run her out of town too. It sounds like it was it was just as much Gabe’s fault as hers for sleeping with his brother’s girlfriend, and I don’t know if Patrick was a victim in the situation or not. This book sounds awful, I sometimes really like novels with unlikable leads but it’s a terrible idea to have that kind of protagonist in a romance. Is it actually possible that the author thinks Molly is likable and expects readers to like her too? I wonder if she’d still feel that way if the genders were switched and a guy was having sex with two sisters behind each other’s backs? 😛

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    1. Yeah, it was really weird. And difficult to connect with the MC. I really love books that have protagonists who aren’t exactly loveable, but somehow the author does an amazing job making you like them none the less. That’s talent!

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