April 2019 Wrap Up

I had two pretty big, chunky books this month so I got off to a slower start. It took a while to get through the first two, but I powered through. It helped that I enjoyed both of them!

After (Anna Todd)
4.5 Stars
Genre: YA Romance
Recommendation: It’s one of those books that you can’t put down
Overall: This is a book I hated loving. It’s a little Fifty Shades of Grey with a bit more teenage drama (even though they’re all technically in college) but I did enjoy it. A lot. So that’s that!
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A Court of Mist and Fury (Sarah J. Maas)
5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Recommendation: If you’re like me and have been living under a rock for god knows how long, yes – you need to read these books
Overall: I cried. Not necessarily because the plot was sad (although it certainly wasn’t happy all the time) but because this book was so beautifully written. Real, breathtaking, heart stopping beauty. Unbelievable.
Update: I’ve literally read chapter 54 every single day since I’ve finished this novel. I’m reordering my TBR for the month to allow me to get to A Court of Wings and Ruin faster because I can’t wait until next month. I just can’t do it.
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Ugly Love (Colleen Hoover)

Rating: 3.5 Stars
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Recommendation: I certainly won’t hurt to read this one
Overall: This was my first read from Hoover and I’m definitely interested in picking up some more of her books. This wasn’t the most heart stopping book, but it was an enjoyable read.
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China Rich Girlfriend (Kevin Kwan)

Rating: 1 Star
Genre: Boring
Recommendation: I’m not even bothering with the third book in this trilogy
Overall: I’ve tried so hard to stick this series out and I really hoped it would become more captivating in this book but it didn’t.
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A Court of Wings and Ruin (Sarah J. Maas)
5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Recommendation: Holy. Cow.
Overall: I sobbed!
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The Promise of Stardust (Priscille Sibley)
2 Stars
Genre: Fiction
Recommendation: Not a first pick
Overall: Certainly not an awful book, but I don’t know that it was anything mind-blowing. Not to mention I didn’t enjoy all of the Pro Life bits dribbled into the mix.
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I completely derailed from my original April TBR so I’m going to have to get back on track in May, mind you I’ve already reworked that so I can get to A Court of Frost and Starlight right off the bat. I cannot wait to get reading in May, I’ve got a lot of good ones lined up! I wish I had read more this month, but they can’t all be good months. The two Maas books and even the After one were enjoyable reads, so overall I think it was a decent month! How did you do?

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