Words I Hate

You know how most people cringe when they hear the word moist? I don’t really have a problem with that one. But I’ve complied a list of my five most hated words. Most of these just sound disgusting when I read or speak them.

  1. Rivulets: I don’t know what it is about this word that gives me the sensation of throwing up. I just associate it a dry heave before you actually do it.
  2. Uvula: I just hate this one for the U sound. It makes me feel like I’m not speaking English anymore – like I’ve made up a new word that should be from a new world where a new language exists.
  3. Phlegm: This one isn’t so much the sound of it. I’m mostly just offended by the way it’s spelt. It does not look like it should be spelt that way. It looks like a world a ten year old tried to spell by sounding out the letters. And added a random G in there for good measure …
  4. Sex: The word doesn’t necessarily make my skin crawl. It’s only a hated word when it’s used in a specific way – to explain actual genitalia. “He touched my sex.” Why. There has to be better ways to say this without the grossness of that word in this context. Otherwise the word is fine and passes my ridiculous judgement.
  5. Definitely: Not about sound. Just my stupid brain, this is the one word I will always spell incorrectly the first two times I try to write it. Always autocorrects to defiantly. Makes me lose my mind every time. Why can’t I remember how to correctly spell that one word?!

Am I crazy? Do you have words you hate? Share which words you hate!

3 thoughts on “Words I Hate

  1. Aw, I like “rivulets”! 😀 It sounds pretty to me. The words I can’t stand tend to be vulgar, and even though I am a prude, it’s more about the sound of them, like you say. Interesting list!


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