A Court of Mist and Fury (Sarah J. Maas)

Rating: 5 Stars

Feyre is struggling with life after Under the Mountain while she’s forced to sit out of every decision made by Tamlin for the Spring Court. Her duty is simply to plan their wedding. But Feyre can’t sit idly by and be Tamlin’s quiet wife. On her wedding day she sends out a silent plea to the universe – begging someone to save her. That’s when Rhysand swoops in and calls in their bargain – one week a month with him at the Night Court. From there, Rhysand helps bring Feyre back to life, helping her heal from the trauma she experienced at Amarantha’s hands.

My. God. It is so rare and beautiful when we find a book or series that takes our breath away – consumes us. I’ve only know one other series to truly do this for me and I had no idea that this series by Maas was going to come into my life and pull me right in. It’s breathtaking and I have to stop every now and then to slow myself down and enjoy it because you can only ever read these types of books for the first time once.

I’ve always felt that a novel’s two most important qualities were a good plot and good writing. I’ve read many books with good plots but mediocre writing. And I’ve read many books with amazing writing and a thin plot lacking anything to draw a reader in.

This series has both. That is so rare. So rare. I find myself highlighting so many lines in these books (something I do when I read a sentence that sends a chill down my spine or makes my heart ache) and I actually feel blessed to be reading them. I know that sounds insanely dramatic but it’s true.

I’ve read chapter 54 every single night before bed, for the past two weeks. Each time it makes me melt.

Also, I think it’s so important to mention that the way Maas writes the “sex scenes” (to put it delicately) … I’ve read my fair share of smut/erotica/romance/etc and I’ll honestly admit that most of them made me cringe. It always sounds so awkward and weird reading it. But Maas does an amazing job. It’s not over the top or meant to shock the reader, it’s just written simply and that simplicity is what makes the scene a good one.

If you only read one series this year – read this one. If you only take one piece of advice from a blogger let it be this one: read. these. books.

Mind you, I’m probably the last person on earth who hasn’t read them. Fantasies are not typically books I gravitate to but these ones are so captivating. I feel lucky to have picked these up off the book shelf!

Two paws up!

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are simply my own honest ones and I have not been asked to write this review. Not everyone may agree with my thoughts and that’s okay! I hope you enjoy reading about mine.

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