Words I Love

Let’s not just be negative here, people. We did Words I Hate last time, now let’s get positive with some words I love!

  1. Meander: I think it’s something in the way it’s pronounced. The “me” part. It just sounds awkward but in a nice way that makes it still sound like a real word. I also don’t think it’s used enough in books, despite the fact that it’s a lovely word to say. It really rolls off the tongue, if you ask me.
  2. Wrath: I have a strange obsession with words that have a nice “th” sound to them. I originally had the word thick on this list, as well – for the same reasons – but took it off when I replaced it with this one. They’re both whimsical words, to me. Most “th” words are nice and saying them reminds me of talking with peanut butter in your mouth. Which reminds me of the word thick. I can’t be the only one to like wrath, thick, thesis … right?
  3. Loosed: In all my thirty something years of life and reading I’ve never actually seen this particular word used in a novel before, until I read A Court of Thorns and Roses (Sarah J. Maas – yes my obsession for these books in ever growing). But it’s such a gorgeous word! Everyone should be using it. It feels old-timey to me, which makes me feel like it’s a more romantic word, which then makes me feel like it’s perhaps my favourite word in the English language … Just very unique, not used often enough but seriously should be.
  4. Dusk: Is it just me or does the word dusk immediately make you imagine an empty, slightly foggy and hazy street with just a few street lamps on at dusk. This word sounds exactly like what it means. I love that. It’s completely connected to its actual imagine, for me. I don’t think a lot of words do that – bring up the exact visual it’s meant to describe; so, when a word does just that, I think it’s one of the good words!

Those are my top five! What are your favourite words?

2 thoughts on “Words I Love

  1. I like “meander,” “wrath,” and “dusk,” too. My top 5 are Ragamuffin (sounds hilarious), Arugula (sounds hilarious), Ebullient (sounds bright and classy), Celestial (sounds ethereal and beautiful), and Clandestine (sounds fancy and mysterious).

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