The Mister (EL James)

Rating: 1 Star

Alessia has just entered the UK where she starts working for a rich Lord who just inherited his family’s legacy after his brother died in tragic accident. But Alessia hasn’t come legally to the UK and trouble follows her there as she falls in love with the Lord of Threvethick, Maxim Trevellyan – playboy of the year turned romantic when he meets his new daily, Alessia.

This book was shocking only in the sense that it was so dull and pointless. I don’t like to give harsh reviews, I prefer to stick to the good in a book – even if there’s only a very small amount of good. But I have to give this one a bad review because it honestly was just bad. Bad, bad. The plot was completely pointless and the entire novel should have ended about two hundred pages sooner than it did. I got the feeling we get to the first “dramatic” part and EL James was like “okay, that’s good.” But then someone said “No, hit it harder,” and she tacked on the other two hundred pages for more of a plot. But it was all pointless.

Now, to be fair (as I often try to be) she was following up a worldwide hit (whether it was worth that title or not is not the argument here. No one can deny that Fifty Shades was a huge hit, deserved or not). That’s a lot of pressure. I understand that. But honestly, I’m still sitting here waiting of Fifty Shades Freed from Christian Grey’s perspective (is that ever going to be written. Seriously!?) so I’m not at all sure why she wasted time on this thin plot.

And beyond plot she let the ball drop on characters too. It was like she sat down to write and thought “Okay, there was so much backlash over the abusive nature of Christian and Anastasia’s relationship so this time I’m going to do the exact opposite and make the one-night stand man into a sweet romantic so no one gets angry at me.” And she seriously toned down the sex (which I don’t have a problem with at all, but I do feel like she was just trying desperately hard to say to the world I’M NOT JUST FIFTY SHADES!) 

That’s the problem with this book. It came across to me as EL’s attempt to show the world she wasn’t just about sex and abusive leading men. Which there’s nothing wrong with – if it’s done well. No one wants to get type casted in acting or writing. I just wish there had been more to this book than to simply remind the world of that EL isn’t just a Fifty Shades author.

I was expecting more, especially because we get Maxim’s point of view as well (and as you may or may not know, I love me some male point of view in romance). And I found it irritating that Maxim’s point of view was written first person and Alessia’s in third. But I have my own opinions on that particular choice of writing style. I won’t get into it, though.

This book wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t what it could have or should have been.

And I’m just going to add quickly: this book was meant to take place in 2019 but should have been set in 1819 or something. It just came off so old-timey it was hard to reconcile that with iPhones and Bluetooth.

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