Is EL James Going to Write Freed (from Grey’s PoV)?

Earlier in the week I went to a meet and greet (stay tuned for my full account of that, coming soon!) with EL James. And she briefly mentioned Freed. This is essentially what she had to say about it:

While there’s no 100%, concrete plan to write Freed (from Christian Grey’s perspective), she didn’t completely rule it out either, which brings me hope! She mentioned that she knew it was something a ton of people were hoping for, (she was clearly pretty in tune with her fans and aware of the demand) she’s just apprehensive about writing certain parts of that novel from Grey’s perspective (mainly the Mrs. Robinson stuff) and she felt she needs to “get back in that mindset” (meaning the Fifty Shades world) before she can write Freed.

So that’s the news for now! I’m glad to hear she’s aware of how her fans want this last book, and I like that she hasn’t ruled it out. It’s just on the back burner for now, but it is something she’s apparently hoping to get back too at some point!

9 thoughts on “Is EL James Going to Write Freed (from Grey’s PoV)?

  1. I to am disappointed that EL James is not currently working on Freed from Christian’s POV. I’m still hoping that she decides to write the last book and soon. We have been waiting for it for a long time.

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  2. These books are more than about bdsm, it is about being abused and thinking one way about yourself to finding out there is love and you can have that. Bravo for writing them and I can only hope that you write perhaps the hardest one to make the series complete.

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  3. I am very disappointed that EL James is not working on freed the sixth book from Christian’s point of you. She has left the store incomplete. I will not read another word that she writes unless she does finish what she started with the 50 shades series

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    1. I second that opinion. I actually enjoyed it from Christian’s understanding of the affair, than I did from the whiny little girl’s. I feel the tale is not complete without the male’s side of the story. Please EL write “Freed” from Christian’s pov. And Soon.

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  4. Why write 2 books from Christians pov and not complete the series? The second kinda of left you hanging with some unfinished business between a couple characters. I think not writing it is doing a disservice to your fans and leaving us hanging.

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    1. She did make it seem like she knew it was a book she had to write to finish the series and put it to rest, but I think she just isn’t in a place where she wants to delve into the relationship between Christian and Mrs. Robinson and that’s what’s holding her back. But I do hope she writes it soon!


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