The Perfect Girlfriend (Karen Hamilton)

Rating: 1 Star

Juliette and Nate have the perfect relationship … except Nate isn’t aware he’s in one with her, since he broke things off with her months ago. Juliette doesn’t care, though. She knows they’re meant to be and she has a plan to win Nate back!

The concept of this was a little iffy but it was pretty hard to read from Juliette’s point of view when she did so many insane things that it made it impossible (for me at least) to connect with her. I spout off a lot about reader/character connection because, for me, it’s one of the more important things in the building and writing of a novel. I’ve read a lot of books where the narrator or the point of view was written from characters who were not likeable in any way (Thirteen by Steve Cavanaugh is one of the great ones that come to mind) but I didn’t hate the evil character. I was interested in them, despite their flaws, and even despite the fact that the character didn’t have a single good quality to them. So it is possible to write an evil protagonist and still have readers like them.

But I found myself annoyed with Juliette 50% of the time and creeped out by her behaviour at other times. So it just wound up being an unenjoyable read.

The final point I’ll make is that this book climbed the little hill that every book must climb in order to reach it’s climax – it’s denouement, but it’s almost like this one just didn’t have one. There was nothing particularly shocking in the end and I was disappointed with the way it finished off.

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are simply my own honest ones and I have not been asked to write this review. Not everyone may agree with my thoughts and that’s okay! I hope you enjoy reading about mine.

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