Life Update!

Hey everyone! I’m sure it’s irrelevant to most of you, but I’ve ghosted my reading and blog posts a lot this month. Which I’m disappointed in myself for. But I work over 70 hours a week (usually) and this month has been so hectic. I’m also in the middle of packing everything in my apartment up because I’m moving next weekend! So there’s just a lot going on and I’m seriously overwhelmed by everything. Also after a 14 hour shift, I mostly just want to lie in bed and do nothing. I don’t want to pack, I don’t want to organize, I don’t want to do anything but lie the heck down! So my Wrap Up this month is going to be pitiful. I’m not even sure if I’ll post it. Mind you, it’s only the middle of the month now, so maybe things will turn around and I’ll find energy somewhere along the line?

Also, I need to add this update on Bear and Boo, because I still cannot believe it.

So. Bear and Boo have both been throwing up their food after they eat it. Within minutes, it comes back up. Which was concerning (obviously) because I’m not a vet, but I do know that cats shouldn’t throw up immediately after consuming food. So I was convinced there was something wrong with them. A bug or virus or something. So I got Boo into his carrier and took his little butt all the way to vet (I don’t even know how I found the time to do that, but I made it work).

We got there and they asked a few questions about what’s going on, their diet, etc. They asked why I didn’t bring Bear in, if he’s also having the same problems. I had to inform the vet that Bear does not leave the house. If someone comes into my apartment he will hide in the closet between a giant Rubbermaid tote and the wall. And he’s a big boned cat. So I honestly cannot understand how he makes himself fit. Anyway. He’s an anxious boy. I explained to the vet.

She examines Boo and determines there’s really nothing wrong with him. If he’s throwing up undigested food, it’s probably not a bug or virus. So I spent $200 for this lady to tell me that they’re eating too fast. Now this made sense to me because Bear eats as fast as he can so he can move on to Boo’s bowl before he finishes it all. And so he throws up. Boo eats too fast because he’s trying to get as much as possible in his mouth, knowing his brother will push him aside when he’s done. So he throws up.

$200 to have a lady tell me to feed them in separate rooms.

Now. I think that’s a lot of money for a very simple explanation. But I’m not about to argue that point. I didn’t have a choice, I wasn’t sure what was wrong with them, so I had to take them to someone who could figure it out.

And that she did. Since I’ve been feeding Boo in the kitchen and Bear in my bedroom Boo has only thrown up once and Bear hasn’t thrown up at all! So clearly it was a productive vet visit. But a pricey one. It is what it is. Too bad OHIP doesn’t cover fur babies!

Anyway, they’re better now and I’m so relieved!

Bear and Boo, being good boys ❤

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