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Hey, ya’ll! I’ve been MIA the month of June since both my work life and personal life have been ridiculously hectic. I just moved from one apartment to another and if you’re someone who moves (or moved) a dumb amount like me my whole life, then you’ll know how seriously time consuming it is.

Not to mention the amount of anxiety I get when I have a huge task (like packing everything I own into boxes!) in front of me and don’t know where to start. It’s so overwhelming. Which is why it’s been two weeks since I’ve moved and I’ve unpacked perhaps three boxes? The rest are just hanging out in an ominous pile in the living room. So that’s fun and exciting.

I have a den, though! Which I’ve converted into a mini library/work space! It’s the only room I can honestly say is about 75% done and unpacked. There’s still a couple of boxes in the room, but my gorgeous bookshelves are up (and stuffed with books), my planner corner is organized, and I have this huge cozy chair I can curl up in and read in the corner. It’s almost perfect. So I don’t leave this room! Because as long as I don’t leave this room, everything outside of it doesn’t exist, and therefore the boxes aren’t overwhelming. So I’m confined to one room of the apartment, but that’s fine. It’s stress free in here!

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base and apologize for the lack of content last month. I honestly only read two books the entire month (and did a reread of A Court of Thorns and Roses – god, I love that book!) so there won’t be too many reviews in the next little while. I’m working on getting two more books read this week, if I can manage it. And I do have two posts that will go up in the next few days! So I hope you guys stick around!

Tell me how crazy your summer has been so far! Do you find you get more reading done in the summer than the rest of the year?

(PS, if you guys want to watch something sweet on Netflix, I’ve been obsessed with the movie Forever My Girl. I watch it every night before I go to bed. I must have seen it about twenty times by now. But it’s so sweet and it’s literally my perfect movie: country and romance in one! Watch it if you feel up to a feel good movie!)

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