Lock Every Door #SpoilerAlert

Consistently, my top most searched keywords are [Insert Book Title Here] Spoilers. So I take it ya’ll want to know what goes down in these really hyped up books, without actually reading them (or at least knowing what you’re getting into before you get started?) But I’m always happy to oblige so let’s spill the tea (that’s a hip thing the youth are saying these days, right? haha.) This goes without saying: this is entirely going to spoil the book for you. So don’t keep reading unless that’s what you want to do!

If you just want to know the ending (and not the play-by-play) scroll down to the bottom where the text is bolded. That’ll give you just the ending.

This book beings with protagonist Jules and her best friend Chloe (who’s couch Jules is currently crashing on) talking about a new job opportunity. Jules was laid off from her job, only to come home early and find her boyfriend Andrew cheating on her with a pretty blonde one their sofa. So naturally she’s moved out and has no place to stay, but Chloe doesn’t mind her couch crashing.

Jules, however, doesn’t want to take advantage of her only friend (she’s pretty much alone since Andrew cheated on her, her sister Jane disappeared without a trace many years ago, and her parents commited suicide a few years after that. But Jules is ready to find a new place to live and a job, too.

Which she’s amazingly been able to find all in one. An ad posted asking for apartment sitters needed at the Bartholomew (a very well known, prestigious apartment building known for its gargoyles and dark history – there have been suspicious disappearances, murders, and suicides at the Bartholomew. None of this deters Jules.) Basically all she has to do is babysit apartment 12A for three months while the relatives of the deceased owner battle her will out in court. The building does not like to have any empty apartments, so they’ve got constant sitters rotating in and out to ensure every apartment is watched.

However, despite the amazing pay (and free lodging in the building Jules has dreamed of living in since her sister Jane read her the book Heart of a Dreamer which was not only written in the Bartholomew but is also set there, as well) there are rules that are strictly enforced by Mrs. Leslie Evelyn, who oversees the apartment sitters.

Rule One: No spending even one night away from the apartment you’re watching.
Rule Two: No visitors.
Rule Three: Don’t bother the permanent residence.

Pretty strict rules but Jules needs the money and a place to stay, so she agrees to take the job.

It’s not long before Jules meets some of the other apartment sitters (most notably Ingrid, who lives just below her and uses the ancient dumbwaiter to send Jules notes. Despite the fact that they have only known each other for one day, Ingrid is in need of a friend and the two hit it off, making plans to meet at Central Park (right across the street from the Bartholomew) everyday at around lunch time.

Except that night, Jules hears a single scream come from Ingrid’s apartment and the suspiciousness of the Bartholomew (and its supposed curse) prompts her to head downstairs at one in the morning to check on her friend.

Ingrid answers the door looking uneasy and frightened but assures Jules that the noise she heard must have been from the television or something (even though she wasn’t watching TV.) She reassures her everything is fine and they’ll meet that day at lunch in Central Park.

Despite the bad feeling Jules has about the situation she lets it go and heads back to her apartment.

Once lunchtime rolls around and Jules has waited over fifteen minutes for Ingrid to show up, she begin to rethink the exchange she had with her earlier that morning. Jules quickly becomes concerned and begins digging into the Bartholomew’s past.

However, not before falling into bed with the attractive, young doctor who lives across the hall from her, Dr. Nick.

As Jules becomes more and more concerned for Ingrid’s safety, convinced there’s something sinister going on at the Bartholomew, she begins to dig deeper into its sordid past.

She discovers that all the strange murders and suicides tie into Satanism where the owner’s of the building (and its residents) sacrificed people in order to create a life from death type chain. Life from Death, Creation from Destruction.

Thankfully Jules turns out to be very wrong about the Satanic cult at the Bartholomew. When she returns to the building after she finds Ingrid at a shelter a few blocks away, she plans to pack a few of her possessions up and get the heck out of the building.

When she gets there she realizes the handsome doctor across the hall (who happens to be a descendent of the building’s original creator) is behind the disappearances of the apartment sitters and after he comes to find her and she manages to escape, she’s hit by a car and wakes up in a hospital – relieved to be free from the Bartholomew.

Unfortunately she soon finds out that the “hospital” she’s in is actually a room in the Bartholomew. At this point, Nick explains the reality behind the Bartholomew. There’s no sacrificial Satan worshiping. Just good old fashioned classism!

The building is a place where the rich and sick come to live while they wait for organ transplants. The apartment sitters are chosen specifically based on the fact that they don’t have anyone (families, etc.) who would ever come looking for them if they went missing. Because they do go missing. The apartment sitters are hired and then basically drugged and overpowered before being brought to the “hospital” in the building where their organs are taken from them (the poor and desperate) to give to the rich who need them. Nick and his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather have upheld the disgusting secret for decades. Taking organs (livers, kidneys, lungs, hearts, you name it!) from the apartment sitters, and then quietly cremating them and no one ever comes looking for them since they have no family.

The Bartholomew’s mentality is that the poor are less than, and while they cannot add to society in any positive way, their organs can be given to the rich who are sick, but still superior.

They keep Jules there, drugged, and remove a kidney to give to one of the residence. Nick explains that next they will take her liver, and then her heart.

Jules manages to spit out the drugs they force her to take so that she is capable of staying alert. And once she is, she escapes – but not before burning the Bartholomew to the ground.

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