The Trouble With HP 20th Anniversary Editions (And How I Fix It)

Alright. I’m obviously collecting all of the 20th anniversary editions of Harry Potter (in all four houses). I’m Ravenclaw, in case anyone was wondering (what about you?)

Note: I’m collecting the hardcover editions.
The way they’re releasing them is two-fold. So Philosopher’s Stone is black with house colour details. Chamber of Secrets in house coloured, which black details. Prisoner of Azkaban is black with house coloured details. And Goblet of Fire will be house coloured with black details (I’ll add some photos below.)

Now. They’re absolutely gorgeous books. They’re honestly just stunning. I’m so happy with them. However, the one and only problem I see with these books (and I’m not sure why Bloomsbury didn’t anticipate this) is that when they’re on a book shelf (either your own or at a bookstore), if a black with house coloured details is planed beside a house coloured with black details book you wind up with this:

Black Smudging

The black rubs off on the house coloured editions and makes it look dirty (it’s especially noticeable on the yellow Hufflepuff editions.) Now I know for some people this may not be an issue at all. But for me, it makes me want to rip my hair out! So I’ve figured out a way around this. I do want to display them each based on house so that they have that alternating colour look on my bookshelf. But I’m deeply concerned about the house coloured ones winding up looking like the picture above.

So there’s two things I do to ensure this doesn’t happen!
1. I buy the black ones at bookstores, but the house colour ones I order online (from those same bookstores I buy the other versions from) because here’s the thing: When you order online (at least with Indigo/Chapters) they’re not plucking the books off the store’s shelves, of course. They have them stocked in piles in their warehouse (or whatever you’d like to call it) and they’re stored by book. So – for instance – there will be an entire section of Chamber of Secrets separate from any other books. Obviously this makes it easier for the person filling the orders to simply find the stock of the book purchased and package it up. Because they’re stacked separate from the black covers you don’t get that black streaking – especially because people aren’t pulling them off the shelf to look at, and then sliding it back onto the shelf next to a black cover.

2. I’ve cut a small piece of regular old paper just a little smaller than the cover itself, and I simply slip them in between each book on my shelf, just for that added protection (even though I’m not removing them from the shelf multiple times a day.) You can’t see the paper, but it’s there and doing it’s beautiful job!

Not a straight cut because I’m terrible at cutting in a straight line. But you get the jest of it!

So, I’m not sure if anyone else has given this as much thought as I have, but it’s currently 5:30 am and that’s exactly what I’m obsessing about right now!

Final look (justing waiting for the remaining four editions to come out!)
The Ravenclaw’s Philosopher’s Stone edition is cut out in the photo, but it’s there!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that little tidbit (it’s not the most mind-blowing solution but I find it’s working for me so far, which makes me happy!)

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