Pathetic July 2019 Wrap Up

I’m ashamed to even post this. But I will anyway because I think it’s important for us to allow ourselves to fail, or not meet all of our high expectations for ourselves.

This month I read exactly two books. Lock Every Door (Riley Sager) and I did a reread of A Court of Mist and Fury (Sarah J. Maas). That’s two books. Which I better than the one book I read last month.

But I figure since there isn’t much to report this month I’d fill ya’ll in on some of the other things I’ve been occupying my life with.

My daily routine is normally getting up, going to work for anywhere from eight two fourteen hours, grabbing a gigantic iced latte from Starbucks, and then forcing myself to stay up until four in the morning. I’m currently working on two books (one of which I’m publishing on Wattpad to get some feedback on my writing style, and one I’m writing just quietly on my own.) Then I’m trying to get some blogging in there whenever I can. And very slowly unpacking from the move earlier this month.

And I’m desperately trying to force myself through After We Fell (Anna Todd) which I’m not exactly hating, but it’s also one of those books I’m dragging my feet through. My vow and goal for August is to actually get back to reading eight or more novels a month, plus keeping up with my posts here (and hopefully having some actual reviews to share with you guys) plus finish unpack, plus get a nice chunk of each novel I’m writing done.

What are you August goals? Is summer a busy time for you or is it one of those months you can relax and get some personal stuff done?

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