Bookish Tattoos

So I’m a tattoo kinda gal. Nothing wild – I don’t have any sleeves or anything. I have two; one small and one large (both HP related) but I do love tattoos. I like to think about one for a year or two, and then if I’m still in love with the idea of it, I go off any get it done. So the following is a list I’m currently contemplating:

  • The Illyrian Mountains that you see all over Pinterest, with the three stars above the mountains possibly being the three stars from the corner of the Harry Potter (US editions – I’m not completely sold on these stars, though, simply because I’m not from the US and so I didn’t grow up reading those editions so those stars aren’t exactly connected in my mind).
  • Something to the effect of what’s at the top of my blog right now: An open book with watercolours coming from it. And the quote “I have lived a thousand lives” underneath.
  • The quote “Publish or Perish” once I (hopefully) publish my first book, with the date of publication underneath. All in a cool typewriter font.
  • A typewriter

So those are just the literary tattoos I’m thinking about. I know most/all are kind of cliche but I like them and they hold a lot of meaning for me. I have a few more that are non-book related that I want to get as well. I’m actually hoping to go in and get one or two of them in the coming weeks since I’ve made up my mind on some already!

Tell me where you think I should place these tattoos (that’s what I’m struggling most with – placement.) And let me know if you have any! Literary or not! I think tattoos are so fascinating – especially when they have profound meaning behind them!

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