The Novel I’m Writing

Hey all you beautiful people! I just thought I’d take a second to shamelessly plug the novel I’m writing on Wattpad. It’s just for fun – to try something new (I’ve literally never let anyone on the planet read my writing before.) I’m just looking for feedback and also maybe on or two positive comments! Haha

It’s a cute little romance novel about a small-town girl who gets herself caught up and finds herself in love with a rising musician.

Check it out here, if you have the chance!
Boots & Hearts (Working Title)

3 thoughts on “The Novel I’m Writing

  1. It’s awesome you are sharing your writing with the world. Just a small piece of advice: if people leave their thoughts and opinions, be sure to take everything with a grain of salt. Some people may try to give you very detailed advice on how they think you need to improve your work or may tell you to change things in order to make it better. Just make sure to follow your heart. Everyone’s taste in writing varies. Never change your writing just because someone else says you should. If their advice feels right to you, then follow it. But if you feel great about what you wrote, follow your heart and gut and stick to it!


      1. I’m the same way! For a long time, I thought if someone criticized what I wrote, it meant it wasn’t good enough. I finally had to realize that writing is subjective. No matter how good a piece of writing is, someone out there will have a negative opinion.


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