If My Body Could Speak (Blythe Baird)

Trigger Warning

I’m not going to do a full review for this little gem. I mostly just wanted to come on here and let everyone know that I picked this poetry book up after watching every Blythe Baird video on YouTube. She’s amazing. Her writing is amazing. The topics she covers in this book are amazing – she does it with such passion and strength and just beauty! Go watch her on YouTube and then go out and get this dang book! I will say, it might be a little big triggering since it deals with some heavy issues, but there’s strength in each poem.

My favourite was probably For the Rapists Who Called Themselves Feminists (trigger warning for rape, obviously) since I honestly think that was such a powerful piece. You can click that link if you want to watch the video of her preforming it. She writes a lot about feminism, rape, body dysphoria, and other things. But the way she writes is so passionate and beautiful. Even the saddest poems, she writes in ways that are sympathetic, that are strong, that are true. She sheds light on a lot of dark topics. Topics that are unfortunately realistic and honest for a lot of people. She’s a very strong young woman.

Just amazing. Five stars, hands down. I hope she keeps writing!

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