Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard)

Rating: 3 Stars

Mare Barrow’s world is divided into the demi-gods with supernatural abilities: the Silvers (with silver blood), and the lowly Reds (with red blood). Mare is a Red but learns she has the powers of a Silver and as soon as the entire world figures out she’s both Silver and Red, her life is in danger. She’s pulled into the role of a Silver, covered with lies to explain the unnatural abilities she should not possess. Mare navigates a world that is on the cusp of a revolution, where Reds are calling for equality and the Silvers do not want to give it to them.

I picked this book up not because it was hyped hard online but because I read the back and was seriously captivated by the concept. I thought it had so much potential for a really interesting novel out of my comfort zone.

The majority of this book dragged on so slow. I almost DNF’d it because even though each plot point was actually pretty interesting, just how long each one dragged on for made it sort of hard for me to read. But the last maybe 5-10 chapters were actually faster paced and interesting. The plot twist was cool and it kind of redeemed this book for me. Halfway through I had decided even if I could get through the book I certainly wouldn’t pick up the next book in the series. But after finishing it … I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. The ending bumped it from a one star to three stars – it was the one redeeming quality of this book. I’m a bit bummed that it wasn’t more action packed. It felt like there was a word count goal and every point was dragged out in order to meet it. Which was disappointing. But then the end started flashing by and it became interesting.

So yeah … I’m not sure if I’m going to continue the series. If the next book is this slow I don’t want to bother. So you guys can let me know. Is the next book better? Should I keep going?

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