After We Fell (Anna Todd)

Rating: 3 Stars

The third instalment of Todd’s After series, follows Hardin and Tessa through a few more months of their relationship – throwing at them more obstacles to overcome. Tessa’s father and his substance abuse, Tessa’s new job, problems with Zed, drama with Hardin’s mother, and Hardin’s issues with commitment of any kind.

Where to start? I will say, their relationship is becoming much less toxic. Hardin’s violent temper is something he’s finally trying to control. The major issue in their lives at this point is more about the fact that neither are on the same page – Tessa wants marriage and babies (even though she’s only in her first year of university – yes, over two thousand pages and she’s still only in her first year!) and Hardin, of course, does not want marriage or babies; just Tessa for the rest of his life (which is basically marriage without paperwork …)

Based only on the fact that their relationship isn’t as abusive and Hardin seems to be making an actual effort to not scream, throw things, and become verbally abusive with Tessa whenever he has any emotion, I must say, this series is getting better. I do love that we get both Tessa and Hardin’s points of view in this series, I’m never a fan of just the female perspective in stories like this (especially when the character with more personality is the male.)

It took me about two months to finally get through it (but I did put it down for chunks of time due to life) but I’m a smidge more interested now that the relationship doesn’t make me uncomfortable. And there’s still sex in it, if anyone was wondering.

So, yeah. I’ll be pushing through to After Ever Happily which is technically the final novel in the series, if you don’t count Before which, to my understanding, is more of a companion piece. I also bought that one, though. So there’s still a whole lot more of Hardin and Tessa coming at us!

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