August 2019 Wrap Up

Okay ladies and gents! Let’s get into this. I think I did much better this month than the past two. I feel like June and July were slump months for me, but I managed to pull up my socks for August. I didn’t get all my TBR books read, but I did get a good chunk done.

The First Phone Call From Heaven (Mitch Albom)
3 Stars
Genre: Fiction
Recommendation: Quick read – go for it
Overall: Not the best Albom book, but I did enjoy it and it was worth the read.
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Love Lives Here (Amanda Jette Knox)
4 Stars
Genre: Memoir/LGBTQ+
Recommendation: YES!
Overall: This book was too beautiful and honest and raw. Read it!
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If My Body Could Speak (Blythe Baird)
5 Stars
Genre: Poetry
Recommendation: Absolutely pick this up! And go watch the author on YouTube preform some of her poetry – she’s amazing!
Overall: I can’t get enough of this book; I’ve had to read it a few times (especially my favourite ones). So good! Amazing.
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Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard)
3 Stars
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
Recommendation: Enjoy slow and steady? This one’s for you!
Overall: This book was a slow slow read. I almost DNF’d it because each plot point was dragged out so incredibly long. But the ending was pretty awesome, so I’m probably going to give the next book a try!
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If I Stay (Gayle Forman)
3 Stars
Genre: YA Fiction
Recommendation: Yes
Overall: Such an interesting concept. I cried, I laughed. I will buy the second book.
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