Books I’m Bringing on Vacation

I’m so excited to mention this! I’m taking my first vacation in over ten years and I almost never get more than one or two days off at work a month. So this is pretty big for me. And I’m going to England where I feel like the entire writing community is (is it just me or do you feel like all of the amazing books are from authors in the UK? I mean, yes there are great writers from other countries too but when I think about writing I think about England). I’ve been there once before for a week and I feel like my soul calls to England. Plus, it’s about darn time I take a week off of work (first time in five years!)

So I believe it’s an eight hour flight there and eight back. The idea of having to stay seated most of the time and not be able to move around and fidget makes me anxious in ways I cannot express! So I thought if I’d take a few books with me for the flight there and back, I might at least be able to keep my mind occupied.

I think that should tide me over (and also if I finish all of them on the way there it gives me a legitimate reason to buy more while I’m there, so …)

I’m excited! And I can’t believe all of the thrillers I’ve read and have not read Girl on the Train! It’s embarrassing, actually! So I must read it! And After because – because.

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