Girl on the Train (Paula Hawkins)

Rating: 3 Stars

Told in rotating points of views between the ex-wife (Rachel), the current wife (Anna), and occasionally the woman a few doors down (Megan), this story follows the sinister path that leads from Megan’s murder, through all the reasonable suspects (her husband, her therapist/lover, a stranger?) all while Rachel obsessively tries to help solve Megan’s murder. And of course simultaneously stalking her ex-husband and his shiny new mistress turned wife, turned mother, who moved into her house not four days after Rachel left.

I know this books is an older one and it’s been made into a movie but I somehow managed to stay away from any spoilers with this one so I had pretty much no idea what this was going to be about, other than what the back of the book told me. I will say, even though it really wasn’t boring at any point in time, there was a lot of plot that seemed like unnecessary filler, even though it did add to the overall tone of the book. So I’m a bit conflicted. I feel like it was and was not necessary, at the same time – somehow.

The ending was a delightful one that kind of leaves you satisfied but also makes you wish you had more insight into the aftermath of the final scene. It was also extremely well written and edited, which is something that is sort of rare in books these days (sadly.) I find a lot aren’t edited properly and wind up with sentence that don’t make sense or are missing words. It makes me crazy.

So when I notice a book is pretty good on that front, it always earns an extra star from me just for the meticulous editing process it obviously went through!

But overall I’d certainly recommend this one to anyone who hasn’t been spoiled yet – or who has been spoiled but still wants to read it! It was an interesting one!

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