Two Poetry Books I Read

Love Her Wild (Atticus)
This is just a collection of very short (like one sentence-short) poems or quotes that you see on Pinterest a lot. It was a quick read and cute but I honestly didn’t think there was much substance to it, and I could have just searched Atticus on Pinterest and found most of these there. But regardless, some were really sweet and it took me about ten minutes to read the entire thing. So it was cute, basically.

Life of the Party (Olivia Gatwood)
This was an interesting book of spoken word or slam poetry that centred around violent crimes against women as well as love (weird mix but it worked.) There were some poems I didn’t really enjoy just because of the layout of it. It made some hard to get into the rhythm of and read as Gatwood hears it in her head (or preforms it on YouTube.) But it was well written and worth the time. Ode to My Bitch Face was probably my favourite and also the one I found myself connecting with the most. It was written very well. Pick up a copy!

Those were my last two poetry books so I’m planning on doing a bit of a poetry book shopping spree soon. I’ve never really enjoyed poetry but watching these girls preform them on YouTube has made it seem really cool to me, just the way they read them and where they put their emphasis on words or lines. It’s really cool and it’s been sort of eye-opening. Like poetry doesn’t have to be this cryptic thing you have to decode. Sometimes it just says what it means plainly but profoundly. I’m really getting into it!

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