Where She Went (Gayle Forman)

Rating: 2 Stars

The sequel to If I Stay brings us to three years after Mia’s tragic accident where she is a famous cellist and her boyfriend, Adam Wilde, is the lead singer and guitarist in a very famous band. The two drifted apart after Mia went off to Juilliard and this book takes us through the demise of their relationship, the uprising of their careers, and all the feels at the end!

This book is what I always refer to as a cute read. It was nice and fluffy with an ending that doesn’t make you want to rip your own heart out after reading! I like to read these types of books after I read a particularly dark or heavy book to lighten my mood. Which is what this one did. I would have given it a 2.5 star rating but there are no half stars! It wasn’t exactly amazing enough to be granted a 3 star rating, though, so I had to go with the 2, but I’d say it’s in between. It was nice and adorable.

What I will add is that I really enjoyed how Forman included little verses from some of Adam’s hit songs at the beginning of certain chapters. And at the end she even added a few of his “new songs” that are released after the book technically ends. I really enjoyed that bit of almost mixed media (even though yes, it’s just reading words, either way.) It was cool to have some of those songs in there so you actually knew what they were about (or alluded to) instead of them just being abstract concepts left to your imagination! Really loved that bit!

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