Cowboy Christmas Redemption (Maisey Yates)

Rating: 2 Stars

Ellie Bell’s husband died tragically and at a young age – never having met the daughter his wife was pregnant with at the time of his death. Since then, Ellie has had Caleb Dalton by her side – her best friend and surrogate brother to Clint (Ellie’s late husband). Caleb and Clint had grown up together – Caleb’s parents having basically added Clint to their family since the boys were little and Clint’s family life was less than ideal.

Caleb has vowed to take care of Ellie for Clint – knowing it’s what he would have wanted. Unfortunately that task is made difficult by the fact that Caleb has always harboured feelings for Ellie, which he’s spent years pushing down because he could never betray his brother by admitting his feelings for his wife – despite the fact that he’s dead.

The two spend Christmas together, Caleb helping Ellie with her Christmas List as she decides she’s ready to begin to live again after her husband’s death.

Y’all I’m not gonna lie. I gave it a 2 star review because it’s one of those books you throw in your beach bag when you go on vacation. But I picked it up as my Christmas Read for 2019 and despite the 2 stars … I kind of enjoyed it.

It’s one of those books I call light and fluffy – brain break. It’s not one that’s going to keep you guessing, and on the edge of your seat. But it was a nice little brain vacation and it was cute and sweet and lovely. So I don’t regret reading it by my Christmas tree last year. I might even pick up something else by Yates. Who knows.

I will say – the one thing that made me insane is that Caleb is always described as wearing a black cowboy hat and the picture on the front cover is clearly a cowboy in a white cowboy hat. And I don’t know why but that makes my skin itchy. Just saying.

3 thoughts on “Cowboy Christmas Redemption (Maisey Yates)

  1. This sounds like the kind of thing that would be adapted into a cheesy Lifetime TV movie around the Christmas season. I don’t blame you for being annoyed over the guy’s hat in the cover art, there’s something about cover artists/photographers who clearly don’t even read the book they’re doing the cover for that slightly enrages me. 😛

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    1. Haha yes! Okay, so I wasn’t being crazy about the cowboy hat then, thank you for the confirmation! And it was 100% one of those books that would have been made into a cheesy TV movie around the holidays but I would have watched it anyway. It was cute and fluffy for Christmas which is exactly what I was looking for! So it turned out alright!

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