The Silent Wife (ASA Harrison)

Rating: 1 star

The perfect wife and professional therapist, Jodi is married to a man who likes to stray. Jodi pays it no attention, though, because she knows at the end of the day Todd will always come home to her. She believes that as long they’re just nameless women, a man needs to be able to sow his wild oats and she brushes it all under the rug and has dinner ready for him when he gets home. Until he doesn’t come home and Jodi takes matters into her own hands.

This book was tough to get through. Unfortunately I found the characters to be flat, one dimensional, and bland. Neither Jodi nor Todd had any type of personality trait that jumped off the page. It felt like these characters were cut out of paper.

The premise of the novel is a good one but unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of the narrative or writing style. The back of the book promises a story where Jodi is a killer and Todd is her victim, but you need to get through almost every page before the last … maybe ten pages, actually get to that part and then it’s over very quickly. So there was a heck of a lot of lead up to something that wound up being three chapters long, at best.

Disappointed. It’s apparently a movie, though. I’d be interested to see if it’s better than the book.

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