In Conversations With: Jessica Cunsolo (Ava Violet – Wattpad)

Alright, let me just start off by saying I’m in love with Indigo for holding these kind of events. Despite how awkward and star struck I get around published authors, just the fact that I’m sitting in the same room as one always make me feel more confident and motivated in my own writing!

Jessica Cunsolo is (as most people probably know, but for those who don’t) a Wattpad writer who recently (January 7, 2020) published her first novel that amassed millions of views on the site. Wattpad Publishing House is now a thing and after seeing the success that Anna Todd gained with the After series, Wattpad got smart and realized they could let the readers decide (through mass amounts of views) for them, which books to publish for top profit since millions of views tends to mean millions of dollars. But enough about Wattpad.

Cunsolo was absolutely lovely to listen to. These events tend to have a moderator of some kind who ask questions for a while before allowing the floor to open up for fans to ask their own questions. Then the book signing and picture taking. And she was just so personable. You could tell this was (possibly) one of her first events like this and she’s young and enjoying her success which I think is fantastic because women need to listen harder to the praise they are given and ignore the negative comments more often (easier said than done, I know.)

She was very sweet and talked to everyone as she signed books. She did mention to stay tuned in to her social media because a “big announcement is coming soon.” The moderator then started asking if she could cast her MC’s for a movie, who would she choose for each. Which made it a smidge obvious that this big announcement will probably be a movie of She’s With Me (the first in her trilogy – the second two not yet published, but available on Wattpad.)

She was just all around very kind and approachable. Not to mention she spoke a lot about how much editing she did to the original Wattpad edition and it certainly showed in the book. Compared to Anna Todd’s After series, which was not edited very well. She joked about how almost every sentence came back form the editor with revisions and notes but it truly did make a huge difference in the success of her novel (in my opinion.)

Haven’t read it yet? Do its, it’s dramatic but adorable!

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