She’s With Me (Jessica Cunsolo)

Rating: 3 Stars

Amelia Collins begins at a new school halfway through the semester and immediately makes friends with a close group of people. Her first day doesn’t exactly go as planned, though, when she bumps in to (literally) Aiden Parker who clearly isn’t the friendly kind. He shouts at her in the middle of a crowded hallway but Amelia doesn’t take it lying down. She brings her own sass right back at Aiden.

She’d be more than happy to avoid any drama for the remainder of the school year but unfortunately, the group of friends she makes happen to run in Aiden’s circle, forcing the two to continue to interact with each other.

After a while Aiden and Amelia begin to transition from enemies to something along the lines of friends. This doesn’t do much for Amelia’s plan to stay drama free at school, however, because getting closer to Aiden means walking into the crossfire of Aiden’s crazy ex-girlfriend who’s hell-bent on making Amelia’s life miserable. Which might be manageable, except for the fact that Amelia has her own reasons and secrets for wanting to stay out of the spotlight …

I always start with my honest first thoughts and I’m not gonna change that. The first encounter between Amelia and Aiden made my stomach drop. My first thought was: fantastic! Yet another book about a romanticized abusive relationship! Which then led me on a long rant to a co-worker who has never read the book, nor cares about my opinions on literature romanticizing abuse. But I’m glad I kept reading because this book was just adorable. Sticking it out past that first interaction, you quickly realize that while Aiden might not be a fuzzy ball of sunshine, he’s not verbally or physically abusive either. Despite the fact that his first reaction to Amelia bumping in to him in the hallway is really not acceptable under any circumstance, you do eventually find out that Aiden has his own demons he’s dealing with.

Above and beyond all of that, this book was very well edited. Cunsolo mentioned in her In Conversations With – by Indigo (click the link to check out my play by play of her chat and signing!) she had an amazing team of editors who really helped polish the manuscript up and it’s very evident that there was a lot more editing done which, in my opinion, makes every book ten times better.

Other than that, the story line is a little dramatic but it’s cute and above all else, this book is different in one amazing way (other than not romanticizing an abusive relationship.)

This book has a female protagonist who has an actual personality. A big one. She fights her own battles, she isn’t just some flat, one dimensional character who lacks an actual personality or any real and genuine character traits while she simply waits for a guy to come in and save the day. It was so refreshing to read a book where the female lead had a spunky, bold personality, instead of the male protagonist having all of the personality and three dimensional characteristics.

That’s something I wish I had remembered to mention to the author while she signed my book. It’s so incredibly refreshing to see a female lead portrayed like a fully developed character and not some flat, “insert your own personality here” type of thing.

This is probably one of the best books to come out of Wattpad Books so far. I recommend it and I hope the second and third books in this series get a good edit and are published as well! I look forward to reading more from Cunsolo!

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