After Ever Happy (Anna Todd)

Warning: Rant + Minor Spoiler Alert

Rating: 1 Star

The ending to the After series. Tessa and Hardin break up and get back together one hundred times before deciding to have a healthy relationship where they find themselves and come to a place where their love goes from obsessive to healthy!

I have honestly never read a series before, in all my life, where I finished the last book and thought “How did I waste so much time on this – time I’ll never get back.”

This series ended in the most irritating way I could possibly think of. So hang on a moment while I do some math.

Many Hours Later …

2,587 Pages. 2,587 Pages (for reference The Harry Potter Series was 3,407 pages which spanned the time of seven years – plus the epilogue). The After series was almost 2,600 pages that span SIX MONTHS!

And I’m not even mad about that – except or the fact that the last 15 pages spanned the rest of their life!!!! (You can tell I’m unhappy because I literally never use more than one exclamation mark at a time!) Now. Don’t get me wrong. The last 15 pages were a way to tie up the entire series and I don’t entirely hate that method. It is nice to know how everything comes together. But I can’t lie. The fact that I read seven million pages of Tessa and Hardin breaking up and the getting back together … was unpleasant. But the fact that at the end of all that Hardin grows the f**K up and stops fighting for Tessa and focuses on bettering himself … actually made me mad. Like he was so toxic and obsessive about his love for that he couldn’t spend 15 seconds away from her … but then 15 pages at the end happen and everything is different?!

I’m so emotionally conflicted about everything. He turns into a normal (non-abusive boyfriend) but in 15 pages like 50 years pass by in a healthy manner. I don’t know, you guys. That was a lot. Reading four books about the most dysfunctional relationship ever … and then suddenly Hardin grows up and works on himself – going X amount of time without Tessa … I just am … so conflicted with the range of emotions inside of me. I’m angry, disappointed, happy, proud, and a million other feels that I can’t completely explain. But this book messed with my mind in a very intense way. I still have to read Before but that’s sort of a spinoff/prelude to the After series as a whole. And I will read it. Because I like to cause myself emotional pain! But this series has actually drained me of my ability to feel and think.

I actually finished it about a month ago. But the ending had me so heated I needed time to let my emotions calm down a bit before writing this review.

I will say – I like that things ended happily ever … in a weird sort of way.

Side Note: I don’t understand why this book wasn’t called After Ever Happily. Why was it called After Ever Happy? Am I missing a valid point? Either way. It was a rollercoaster of a ride for me but I’m happy Hardin figured his sh*t out!

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