The Unhoneymooners (Christina Lauren)

Rating: 3 Stars

After everyone at Olive Torres’s twin sister’s wedding gets food poisoning except for Olive herself and the Best Man, Ethan Thomas (Olive’s worst enemy), her sister suggests that Olive goes on their honeymoon (she won it for free and it was non transferable and not something she could postpone.) Being identical twins, Olive could virtually pull off the switch. Meanwhile, Ethan’s bother, Dane has offered his brother his half of the trip. Since Ami (Olive’s twin) won the honeymoon she only had to give her married name, not Dane’s full name. Ethan and Dane obviously have the same last name, so it all works out perfectly.

The two spend a week together in paradise and slowly work their way from hating each other to more than not hating each other!

CuteCuteCute. This was a cute fluff read (my designation for any book that was a light read, didn’t make me sob or afraid to turn out the lights before bed. Didn’t make me stay up at night thinking nonstop about it.) It was friggin’ cute. It was one of those enemies to lovers tropes that are just irresistibly cute. It was pretty well edited and I enjoyed reading it.

If you need some romance in your life, go for this book. Enemies to Lovers is one of my favourite tropes and this one did a good job with it. There’s a reason everyone was amping this book up. CuteCuteCute.

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