Crescent City : House of Earth and Blood (Sarah J Maas)

Rating: 4 Stars

Bryce Quinlan is put on a case for the higher ups in Crescent City, trying to solve the murder that claimed her best friend’s life two years ago and are now happening again all over the city. She’s teamed up with Fallen Angel, Hunt Athalar who is being punished for his part in the last war. An eye for an eye – a kill for a kill. If he ever wants to set himself free he has to take care of the Governor’s enemies. For every kill he made during the war, he has to match it with one for the Governor. But things with Bryce, and these new murders get complicated.

If y’all thought I was gonna miss this one you haven’t been paying attention!

Now … if the name Maas wasn’t on the front of this book I would have stopped reading at around the 100 page mark. This book tested everything in me because it didn’t get interesting until page 300. But then it got interesting. I’m glad I finished it because I’m already looking forward to the next book (whenever that might be …) so if you can stick it out to the 300 mark I promise you it gets good.

That isn’t to say it was terrible or boring or horrible from pages 1-300. It wasn’t bad at all. It was just one of those slow building plots that I find difficult to focus on (especially in the fantasy genre in a new world I’ve never read in before). So I think that’s why I wasn’t particularly drawn in at first. I always find it tough to remember all these new and made up realms, hierarchies, character backstories, definitions, etc. But once you get far enough in your brain starts remembering and it gets a little easier to just focus on the characters.

I will say, though. Bryce started out as a complete bad a** who seemed to be able to take care of herself. And not that having an MC with vulnerabilities is necessarily a bad thing – Feyre really was the quintessential female protagonist. You really got the sense that she could take care of herself even while still relying on her friends to help out. Meanwhile, with Bryce … she could certainly take care of herself but I found her bulking or shying away from the ‘strong characters.’ But I think that could also be attributed to the fact that the characters that are considered higher up than her are city heads and officials while she’s considered ‘less than’ because she’s half Fae/half human. So that does makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

That’s it for now. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. My thoughts are with everyone and I hope you all find a bit of peace in reading! ❤

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