9 Days, 9 Nights (Katie Cotugno)

Rating: 3 Stars

Molly Barlow is in college and dating her adorkable boyfriend Ian. Gabe is also living life outside of their small hometown and dating outdoorsy Sadie. Somehow, despite being very far away from Star Lake, the foursome bump into each other in London, England – of course. And of course, Molly and Gabe introduce each other to their significant others as ‘old friends’ from back home. So Sadie and Ian decide it would be fantastic for the four of them to merge their vacation – 9 Days, and 9 Nights.

This one was surprisingly less ridiculous than the book that came before it – 99 Days. While that one came across very immature and selfish on the part of Molly Barlow (drama for the sake of drama isn’t cute) this one was a bit more grounded in reality … if you can get past the part where she magically bumps into her ex in London, England. At least this time she waits to get with Gabe until after she’s technically broken up with her current boyfriend … and also her current boyfriend isn’t Gabe’s brother. So that’s much more mature, if you ask me.

But in all honesty, this one was done a bit better. I hated Molly a lot less (it’s one thing to be with someone when your heart wants to be with someone else … it’s sort of a different feeling when you’re with someone but want to be with their brother). So overall Molly was more bearable this time, Gabe was less of an ass, and despite their respective partners being good and decent people, right from the start you can sort of sense they aren’t passionate about their feelings – which makes their breakups with their current partners a lot more like ‘fate’ and a lot less like ‘horrible people.’

I’m not even sure why I picked this book up because I certainly didn’t enjoy the first one, but I was pleasantly surprised. Which is what I truly love about reading.

Bear cuddled up with a book for the night.

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