Smooth Talking Cowboy (Maisey Yates)

Rating: 2 Stars

Olivia Logan is trying to win back her ex-boyfriend by making him jealous. She strikes up a deal with Luke Hollister, who wants to buy coveted land from her father – he helps her make her ex jealous, and she’ll put in a good word for him with her dad. Nice and simple.

Except it never really is. At some point, bad boy Luke and sweet young Olivia’s fake relationship turns real. Only problem is – Luke isn’t the “settle down” type and Olivia has marriage on the brain.

Not the greatest. I picked this book up, as well as two other Yates’ novels. I like these fluffy reads after things as disturbing and mind melting as My Dark Vanessa. It’s like a brain cleanse. I picked up some of Yates’ novels just to have on hand for when I needed something sweet and I chose her specifically because I read Cowboy Christmas Redemption as my December/Christmas read last year and I actually enjoyed it.

This one wasn’t as good. I can’t exactly put my finger on why that is, but if I had to guess I think it was the storyline and the fact that Olivia is childish enough to give her boyfriend an ultimatum: propose or it’s over.

I’m not a fan of that type of person and the fact that she broke up with him because he wouldn’t marry her just seems very immature which – if I pick up adult fiction … I’m really not looking for overly childish behaviour. That’s what made this all a ridiculous story. I didn’t even mind the cliche of the “never settle down, tons of girlfriends” cowboy (bad boy); I could get past that. But the fact that Olivia throws a mini tantrum because her boyfriend wouldn’t propose (immature enough) and then tries to make him jealous by getting together with one of his oldest friends is just … it was too much for me.

And I want to clarify. The ultimatum was childish because of how it was executed. It was more of a threat than anything else. If she had made it more mature (eg. “I would really like to get married in the next X amount of years. Do you think we’re on the same path? Do our timelines and life goals match up?” and if he had said he wasn’t ready for marriage and she had said something like “Alright, then I think we need to go our separate ways because we’re no longer on even ground,” that would have been alright!) It’s not about breaking up with someone because they aren’t in the same mindset as you, it’s that she did it in a way that forced his hand. It was just ugly. And then she tries to make him jealous and it’s even more icky and childish.

But all in all … if you can get past the first half where their relationship is “fake” and make it to the point where they actually admit their feelings, it’s a cute read.

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