Seduce Me, Cowboy (Maisey Yates)

Rating: 1 Star

Hayley wants to get out and experience life. So far she’s worked for her father – the town Pastor – as a secretary at the church. But she wants to branch out and see what else is out there for her. She wants independence. So she takes a job from Jonathan – one of the most successful construction and design companies in the world. He is (of course) the experienced older man and she’s the sweet, innocent girl who breaks through his walls and settles right into his heart.

This one was not … great. It was actually a “bonus novel” included in my copy of Smooth-Talking Cowboy, so I wound up just reading it since it was there at the back of the book, anyway. Again – like every other Yates book I’ve read so far – you have the older man who’s a complete “player” and the sweet little angel of a girl who’s lived in a bubble. Again she breaks down his walls and he becomes a one woman man.

All of these books are sort of the same. Different characters but same basic skeleton of a plot:
Bad boy doesn’t want to settle down, has made the ultimate life for himself (because he always comes from nothing and works his way up to success), sleeps with a different girl each week, and then meets a shy, innocent doe and falls madly in love, abandoning his playboy lifestyle after he comes to terms with the fact that he’s in love.

It’s cute – don’t get me wrong. But I read one after another and by this one I was just sick of the meek girl meets bad boy scenario.

But it was cute. What more can you ask for, right?

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