Dead to Her (Sarah Pinborough)

Rating: 2 Stars

In southern high society, the elite rule. Young, second wives have a lot to prove and their highbrow husbands can do no wrong.

Except they do a lot of wrong …

Told from different point of views, Marcie (Jason’s second wife) has secrets in her past no one knows about. Keisha (William’s second wife) has erratic tendencies and no filter, despite marrying the widow six months after his first wife’s death (and everyone just loved Eleanor – so how can Keisha even compare?)

But the men have their own secrets, too. And they all start spilling out when William is murdered. Everyone has motive, but which one actually did the deed? His young new wife who wanted him dead so she could be rich and free of him. Marcie, whose past starts to resurface and makes her look very guilty. Jason who wanted to buy William out of their law firm and can avoid payment if his partner is dead.

This was not what I was expecting from Sarah Pinborough. I’m a bit disappointed. There was a lot of voodoo and dark magic in this, which was strange. There were too many characters who seemed sprinkled in for absolutely no actual reason other than to add another suspect to the list (Jason’s first wife, for example) and I just didn’t like how everything played out. The suspect list should have stuck to Marcie, Jason, and Keisha. And then the actual murderer would have been much more revealing. Instead I just sort of focused more on why these extra characters were even involved in the plot at all. They added nothing except unnecessary background characters that seemed to fail to make it into the group of main characters.

Beyond that, it ended on a weird cliffhanger and I can’t stand that most of the time. Like, it just came out of the blue and I have to figure out if there’s plans for a sequel because if there isn’t I don’t know what the point of that cliffhanger was because it didn’t leave you with chills. Just annoyance.

I still say Behind Her Eyes is her best novel to date.

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