Dead to Her #SpoilerAlert

For those of you who like to be spoiled before reading a book, or for those of you who don’t feel like reading the book at all, but still want to know what’s up … this is for you! Let’s break this novel down:

The novel starts with Marcie (Jason’s second wife) and Jason himself at the celebration of William’s new marriage to Keisha who is much younger than him and only in it for the money she’ll get when he dies.

The two couples are mostly the centre of attention in this plot but we do get Virginia and Emmett who aren’t exactly the fanciest people but they’re wealthy and Virginia is the ever present church-goer. And Iris and Noah who are highbrow, rich, and old-fashioned. And last but not least, there is Elizabeth who is more of an assistant to William but was first Eleanor’s assistant and friend for years before she died. William’s first wife, Eleanor, died about six months ago, and William decided to take time away from the law firm he and Jason partner, which is how he meets Keisha (about thirty years younger than him) in England and brings her back to America to marry.

Keisha’s back story includes her voodoo practising Aunt and her awful uncle who both scam people into believing they can help them with whatever problems the have through curses and dark magic.

At first Marcie is judgemental of Keisha (because at least when Marcie married Jason – which started out as an affair, since Jason was married to Jacquie when they met – she loved him. Keisha was only in the marriage for the money.) But after spending time with her, party planning – like the good housewives they’re expected to be, Marcie and Keisha wind up having an affair together.

There’s a lot of voodoo going around Keisha’s new mansion and she’s certain it’s Zelda, the house keeper who’s trying to frighten her. Keisha’s family also convinced her she’s cursed because she sees the ghost of a boy sometimes. And now she’s certain someone is out to get her.

Marcie and Keisha keep their relationship quiet since they both need their husbands to support them financially. But then secrets start coming out.

William is poisoned and the investigation discovers all of the secrets everyone’s been carrying:

Marcie’s first husband (a drunk and abusive man) died years ago from coolant in his whiskey bottle. Marcie had an alibi since she was out partying with a friend when he died and his murder started to look more like a suicide.

Keisha’s on pills to keep herself calm because she thinks she’s cursed because of ghost boy and once the voodoo dolls and conjure balls are found she’s convinced someone knows she’s cursed. But she also isn’t shy about the fact that she wants William dead. So when he’s murdered with coolant in his fancy water bottles the police start pointing fingers.

And Jason also has motive since it turns out he’s not as wealthy as Marcie was led to believe and he was basically committing embezzlement and fraud with his clients’ money. But he was trying to move things around and put the money back in to the proper accounts before they were audited (upon William’s insistence that it happens before Jason buys him out of the company.) With time running out Jason also has a good reason to want William dead.

But at the end of all that chaos it turns out Elizabeth (Eleanor’s friend and personal assistant) is also someone who practises voodoo and is behind everything, including William’s poisoning (in order to get back at him for the pain he put Eleanor through, after their son died and William started distancing himself from her as she got sicker and sicker with only Elizabeth there to care for her).

Elizabeth gives the investigating officers an alibi for Marcie so she’s takin out of the picture, even though it’s highly coincidental that her first husband died the same way.

Elizabeth then gives Marcie the choice. She can work her voodoo to free either Jason or Keisha, sending one to prison for a crime they didn’t commit, and the other one free as a bird.

Marcie chooses Keisha and lets Jason sit in prison.

At the end of all that we find out that Marcie was the one who killed her first husband and she contemplates how she figures she’ll probably do the same thing to Keisha when she gets bored with her. Which is a little demented …

Meanwhile, Elizabeth visits Jason in prison and tells him everything, including the deal she made with Marcie – Jason or Keisha. And she asks Jason if he wants her to grant him a dying wish (since William dies and it’s the south, he’s on death row). She offers to make Marcie pay or she tells him she can leave her alone. It’s up to Jason.

The last lines are Jason telling Elizabeth he knows what he wants her to do.


End of book.

Cliffhanger. Hate that.

Oh and it turns out the little ghost boy Keisha sees is actually the ghost of a child her aunt and uncle murdered …

Now you know.

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