Daisy Jones and The Six (Taylor Jenkins Reid)

Rating: 4 Stars

The story of a rock band from the 1970s told in interview style, overlay. It chronicles the story of Daisy Jones before she met The Six, and the The Six before they met Daisy Jones. And then the astonishing rise and fast fall from the limelight once Daisy and the Six become one band.

This book was fantastic. I knew nothing about it before Instagram told me to buy it and I did zero research on this book before opening it for the first time to read it. I loved the deceit in the Author’s Note that kicks this book off.

I was surprised to find the interview style, all meshed together telling one story from multiple point of views. At first I opened it and saw the writing style and thought ‘Oh great. This is weird and it’s going to suck.’ But Instagram has rarely steered me wrong and Chapters/Indigo named it as one of their top books of 2019 so I just kept reading.

I absolutely love the way the novel shows how one character saw a certain situation and then right afterward, another character would tell their view of the situation that directly contradicted the last person. I really loved that aspect – that every story has fifty different sides to it.

This book was so well executed in its unique writing style and narrative that I’m very happy I picked it up with blind faith! If you haven’t read it yet – read it!

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