Crown of Midnight (Sarah J Maas)

Rating: 3 Stars

The second book to the Throne of Glass series. Celaena is now the King’s champion and is off doing his dirty work (killing anyone the King deems a threat to his crown). However Celaena isn’t the submissive type and once the King alludes to a group of rebels and their vague plot to overthrow him, Celaena starts digging into things, following people who may have something to do with the plot to overthrow the King and free the world of the his tyrannical rule.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this in my Throne of Glass review but I picked that book up because I wanted to see how Maas’s writing was in her earlier publishing years. Throne of Glass was first published in 2012 and I’ve only ever read A Court of Thorns and Roses by her (and recently Crescent City) and while I don’t think Crescent City (her most recent novel) was as well written as ACOTAR was, it certainly wasn’t poorly written by any means.

But I figured a series spanning publication from 2012 to 2018 would be a very interesting project to gain insight into how she wrote at basically the beginning of her career up until fairly recently and I thought with the series being long, I’d be able to see the progression. So far I don’t really have an opinion on that progression, but I’m only just about to start Heir of Fire so I’ll wait to make any comments on that.

But Throne of Glass wasn’t really my favourite, I didn’t particularly feel invested in that novel the way I was immediately obsessed with ACOTAR. But because MAAS is written on the front of the book I promised myself I’d keep going. I will say – if it was any other author I wouldn’t have gone on to Crown of Midnight.

That being said: I enjoyed Crown of Midnight a lot more. I think it might just be that the plot in this one is a little more interesting to me than the basic premise of Throne of Glass which was mostly just some side plot with a competition “technically” being the main event everything surrounds. But I found Crown of Midnight to be a little more interesting. I liked that I felt the characters come to life a little more in this one; that I’ve become invested in the romantic subplot of it (although I’ll admit I absolutely loathe love triangles) and just overall it was a lot more interesting. I especially liked seeing this new, almost crazed side to Celaena. And there were some little twists and turns that were a bit shocking along the way and I also appreciated that. I like when a book shocks me a little.

I did head straight to the bookstore after I finished this one and bought Heir of Fire right away, which tells me that things are getting good. So I’m going to keep reading these.

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