About the Readers

Bear enjoys a good mystery thriller and YA romance novel (he’s a sucker for a sweet love story.) His favourite place to help Mommy read is lying in the straightest line at the end of the bed, or sprawled out on the couch beside her – depending on where she’s reading for the day.

While Bear does like to read, his real passion in life is food. If Mommy’s in the kitchen, Bear’s right there to help her. He especially loves to meow for the food Mommy’s cooking, even though they both know he won’t like people food, and Bear is the first to the kitchen when the drawer with the treats makes its first sound, then he likes tripping Mommy while she tries to put some in his bowl!

In Bear’s free time he enjoys dragging both clean and dirty socks out of anywhere (drawers, laundry baskets, that place where the second sock always goes missing in the dryer – oh yes, he’s been to that land.) He particularly loves to bring these socks into Mommy’s bed so that when she gets home from work she has to pick four or five socks off the bed after a long day!

Bear’s a sweet little boy who can also play fetch! If you throw a hair elastic anywhere, Bear is like a dog – he’ll bring it right back to you to throw again!

10/10 Reading Buddy

Boo is a particular fan of a good memoir or non-fiction – he likes to know all about people’s lives. His favourite place to read is right between Mommy’s face and the book she’s holding!

Boo is a cuddle bug right to his core. If Mommy is anywhere in the house, Boo needs to be inside her soul – otherwise he’s not close enough. His nose is always cold and wet and he likes to boop his head against you and fall asleep, brain to brain so you have good dreams.

When Mommy has a headache it’s Boo’s job to sit right on top of her and purr loudly in her ear because he once read that the mere presence of a cat can calm a human’s heart and their little purrs are like magic and can cure anything. True facts (mostly.)

If Boo has any free time (he’s a very busy boy with his M.D. in purring and snuggles, you know) he often enjoys scratching on his cat post to sharpen his nails so that when he kneads Mommy it’s like little daggers of love (he doesn’t enjoy having his nails trimmed, but if Mommy tells him he’s a good boy, then he doesn’t struggle too much) and also likes to sit inside the carrier that he goes to the vet in – just for fun and absolutely no reason at all!

10/10 Cuddle Buddy

Her favourite books are the same as Bear and Boo’s but she tries to branch out when the mood strikes her, because she believes if you don’t give every genre a chance, you might be missing out on the next book that could change your life!

Her daily struggles include trying to find two socks that don’t have holes in them from Bear’s teeth and crippling migraines and loneliness! She’s in her 30’s and lives to work which often times means she forgets to have a social life. That’s why she started blogging! Maybe she can make some internet friends who love her two favourite things – cats and books!

She also loves to write and has written more than five novels (except that she has a fear of actually allowing anyone to read her work – always a good quality in all the most famous authors … right?!)

Her 2019 New Years Resolutions include drinking more water (which she’s failing at), being more social (which she’s failing at), and trying not to adopt another cat (which she will probably fail at) because everyone in her life tells her that three cats are too many cats. But is there really such a thing? No. There is not.