A Nearly Normal Family #SpoilerAlert

Alright, you all know the drill. If you want to be very spoiled before reading this book then keep going. But if you don't like spoilers you'd better click off now, because we're about to break down the entire novel! I'm never sure why people enjoy spoilers - I personally like to avoid them, but … Continue reading A Nearly Normal Family #SpoilerAlert

A Nearly Normal Family (M.T Edvardsson)

Rating: 3 Stars SynopsisThe Sandell family find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation where Stella Sandell (Ulrika and Adam Sandell's daughter) is the number one suspect. Told in three parts, each from a different family member, we eventually get the whole story. Ulrika and Adam find themselves doing everything it takes to make … Continue reading A Nearly Normal Family (M.T Edvardsson)